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About the English as a Second Language Department


Welcome to the ESL Department at ACIS.


We work with students to expand their academic opportunities through English language learning.


We have a hands-on approach to teaching. This incorporates project-based techniques in our daily methodology.


Following a Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model of instruction, students are pulled from their English language class to be in ESL.


By guiding our students at their English level, we are able to foster an environment of lifelong learning.

Jesse C. Kus - Instructor ESL


We have students with needs in all forms of English communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our learners come from an international background which contributes to a multicultural classroom environment.


The goal of ESL at ACIS is to ground students in foundational English skills in order to return them to their grade-level classes in English.

Our Mission is to…

  • Create a hands-on approach to learning English.

  • Provide English support at the student’s level.

  • Design opportunities for lifelong language learning.

Testing ESL Placement Testing at ACIS

The ACIS ESL placement testing is designed to assess four English skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 


Assessing these skills allows the ACIS ESL department to accurately place students in the English class that will best advance the students’ English language growth. 

For 1st graders, the ACIS ESL Placement Test consists of listening comprehension, verbal communication and recognition and understanding of basic phonics.

For 2nd grade and above, the ACIS ESL Placement Test includes listening comprehension, verbal communication and grade-level reading and writing tasks.


By providing the ACIS ESL Placement test, the ACIS ESL department can better identify students who may need additional support with English language. 


Since the ACIS ESL department assists the lowest-level English language learners, the placement test is effective in determining those students.  


The ACIS ESL Placement test is given free of charge.

For more questions,

please contact our academics department:

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