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ACIS Parent Orientation 2023

We're thrilled to share highlights from our Parent Orientation meeting. These slides capture the essence of today's sessions, setting the stage for a remarkable academic year ahead.

Exploring What's New: We dived into the innovative initiatives and enhancements that await in the upcoming academic year.

Meet the Senior Management Team: We introduced the dedicated individuals leading our institution towards excellence.

WASC Candidacy Update: We shared the exciting progress in our journey towards WASC accreditation.

Daily Schedule and Key Times: We gave insights into the daily school schedule and crucial timings.

Navigating Parking Rules: We learned about hassle-free parking arrangements for your convenience.

Uniforms and Dress Code: We discovered our uniform and dress code guidelines.

Health and Electronic Devices Policies: We explored our policies prioritizing student well-being and balanced device use.

Introducing the PTG Committee: We introduced the enthusiastic members of the Parent-Teacher Group, working together to enrich the school experience.

We hope these slides convey the essence of our Parent Orientation meeting. Let's make this academic year a journey of growth and success, hand in hand.


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