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Akoon G6 - CMAC U12 Boys Badminton Champion Alice G5 - CMAC U12 Girls Badminton Champion

Americana Chinese International School would like to recognize students Akoon (G6) and Alice (G5), who earned the first ever Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) Championships in singles Badminton for ACIS. The siblings represented ACIS at the CMAC Badminton Championships at CMI Badminton on Saturday, May 7th. After winning his first 6 matches, Akoon (G6) earned a victory in straights sets in the final match to capture the U12 Boys Championship. Alice, who won her first 5 matches en route to the final, earned a victory in 3 sets to capture the U12 Girls Championship. Congratulations to Akoon and Alice for their championships!

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