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Distance Learning at the ACIS

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

What a week! ACIS began our Online Distance Learning Environment this week. We were very encouraged to see our students engaging in the activities and lessons that have been diligently worked on by our Teachers and Administrators during the break.

Grades 1-5 Microsoft Teams Reminders.

1. All Classes are meeting here at

2. Your child’s log in account is their student number +


3. Enter your password received from your homeroom teacher via Class Dojo

4. Click on your Homeroom, Chinese or Thai Class

If you are unable to see all of your child’s classes please contact the teacher (homeroom, Chinese, Thai or ESL) as soon as possible via class Dojo.

Please continue to send us any of your class home videos and pictures via Line or Class Dojo so we can share with our community.

See you online!

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