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Unlock Your Child's Potential with Exciting Electives at ACIS

Embrace an enriched learning experience at ACIS with two exciting elective courses each semester. Chart your child's path to passion and future careers!

Mandatory Core Courses:

Build a solid foundation with year-long courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, PE and STEM, as well as language courses, including Thai.

Elective Courses:

- School Journalism

- Robotics

- Band - Instrument

- Choir

- Visual Arts

- Drama

- Web Design

- Fundamental Math

- Debate

- Geography

- Team Sports

Let's make the upcoming semester at ACIS unforgettable. Explore, learn, and grow!

To learn more about our school, visit, call 052-135 069, 081-9506659, or email

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