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Chinese Language


About our Chinese Language Program

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Attention and focus to our Chinese language program is a priority at ACIS. 


Our Chinese curriculum is supported by nationally-approved standards from the Chinese Education Ministry. Our non-Chinese students use a curriculum series developed for American students to learn Chinese as a second language. This curriculum series, titled "Better Chinese", supports HSK proficiency testing standards.

In the ACIS Chinese Language Department, we aim to improve the students’ ability to communicate in Chinese and to learn Chinese culture. Our Chinese language teachers go to great efforts to prepare lessons and organize various meaningful and interesting activities. These activities and events include the Mid-Autumn Festival Party, Celebration of Chinese National Day and Spring Festival Day Party,  in which the students demonstrate the outcome of their Chinese lessons. Students sing Chinese songs, recite ancient famous poems and even perform skits or crosstalk. That’s amazing!

 In order to give the students an objective and authoritative evaluation of the students’  proficiency in Chinese,  ACIS is honored to be one of the test sites of Overseas Chinese Official HSK and YCT Tests. Sending your children to our school, you will be satisfied with their achievements in learning Chinese. Welcome!


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