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Americana Chinese International School represents the hope for a future generation of problem solvers. When “SPARK inspiration" was first created by one of our board members, we all took a moment to exhale.


How perfect that phrase captured our collective goal for ACIS, our desire to encourage our students to try their best, think through their problems, and work together to create a solution.


What better inspiration for the next generation than this?


Our first year has been a sweet journey of cultural understanding, support, and team work among our students, staff and families.


Our school has been blessed by such diversity among our families and the opportunities to share customs, and heritage continue working daily to produce a close - knit community of students who will impact lives and communities across the globe.


This is who we are and this is why, together, we SPARK inspiration!

School Principal - Brittany Yandell



Our school is located on the Chiang Mai Lampang Superhighway, about 15 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport. We are also part of a wider net of schools within Chiang Mai, The Ambassador Education Group, more can be found here.


We hope you will find ACIS’s wide community as your new home, recognizing that your journey to choosing the right location and school as a newcomer to Chiang Mai, or as a transfer from another school within Thailand, is an important family decision.


Many of our families make ACIS their home because there is a multitude of locations to live within close proximity to our school.


Our hope is to provide extraordinary care during your child’s journey with us. At ACIS, we also offer a range of services to support the diverse learner’s needs. We also have a language school on-site at our sister school UCIS to offer further assistant to a student’s language needs.


We welcome any and all questions and we encourage you to contact us with your questions.  We endeavor to respond to your queries within 24 hours. You can also call us directly on 053-142517.

Thank you for your interest to join our families from around the world. Whether you are from Thailand, live in Thailand or you are a family looking to move to Thailand, we look forward to welcoming you to our group – it’s where you belong!


Creating Together,


ACIS Admissions





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