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English as Second Language | Americana Chinese International School (ACIS)

English as Second Language

At ACIS, we aim to expand students' academic opportunities through English language learning. Our hands-on approach to teaching incorporates project-based techniques in our daily methodology, creating an engaging and effective learning environment for our students.

The primary goal of English as Second Language (ESL) is to ground students in foundational English skills so they can confidently join in their grade-level classes in English. We believe in providing a solid foundation that enables our students to thrive in their academic journey.

We provide English support tailored to each student's level, ensuring they receive the necessary tools to succeed. Moreover, we design opportunities for lifelong language learning, equipping our students with language skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Customized ESL Support in a Diverse Classroom

Our students are pulled from their regular English language classes to receive specialized ESL support. It allows us to guide students at their individual English proficiency levels, fostering an environment of lifelong learning.

Our student body is diverse. They represent various international backgrounds, contributing to a multicultural classroom environment. We work with students with needs in all aspects of English communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

ESL Placement Testing

To accurately place students in the appropriate English classes, ACIS conducts ESL placement tests to assess four English skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These tests provide valuable insights into the students' English language growth and help us tailor our instruction to meet their needs.

For 1st graders, the ACIS ESL Placement Test consists of listening comprehension, verbal communication, and recognition and understanding of phonics. For 2nd grade and above, the ACIS ESL Placement Test includes assessing listening comprehension, verbal communication, and grade-level reading and writing tasks.

The ACIS ESL Placement Test is a valuable tool in identifying students who may require additional support with the English language. By identifying the lowest-level English language learners, we can provide the necessary assistance to ensure their academic success.

We are proud to offer the ACIS ESL Placement test free of charge as part of our commitment to supporting our students' language learning journey.

If you have any questions or need more information about our ESL program at ACIS, contact our academics department at

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