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Mental Health & Behavior

Parents would not be surprised to hear that children's minds are both wild and wondrous places. In school, we witness firsthand how their brains absorb new information, process it, and store it in their memories. Their minds are in a constant state of flux, continuously absorbing, metabolizing, and integrating every piece of data they encounter. What we often overlook is that much of what they learn doesn't come from textbooks or worksheets. A significant portion of their education revolves around learning how to be human.​ At ACIS, our students begin this journey at a young age. For them, the fundamental skills of life, such as communication and friendship, are integral building blocks that will shape their ability to navigate the world long after they have left ACIS. This rapid stage of growth, marked by leaps in their development, is also a sensitive time. What children experience now can profoundly influence the trajectory of their lives.

Holistic Development - ACIS

Holistic Development

We are aware of the vulnerability of this stage and are committed to providing the nurturing environment that children need to grow and thrive. The right hemisphere of our brain examines, comprehends, and processes our emotions, contemplating the "big picture," while the left hemisphere deals with intense focus, logic, and problem-solving. As humans, we require both to flourish. The brain requires care and cultivation. It is why ACIS offers holistic development and growth opportunities.


This commitment includes fostering creative and "right-brained" activities and, more recently, establishing a counseling team at ACIS. With this initiative comes the opportunity to provide counseling support to our students, conduct wellness checks on those struggling, and implement a social-emotional learning curriculum. Research is unequivocal about the far-reaching, long-term benefits of investing in children's social-emotional learning, and we are delighted to offer this to our ACIS community.

Positive Discipline - ACIS

Positive Discipline

At ACIS, we firmly believe in fostering a positive and nurturing environment for our students. Therefore, we have implemented a school-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system to address behavior effectively and encourage our students to excel in their learning journey. Our PBS plan is built on recognizing and celebrating the positive contributions of our students. We understand that acknowledging and reinforcing good behavior is conducive to learning and personal growth. This approach emphasizes promoting and teaching positive behaviors to all students across various school environments, not just limited to the classroom.

Positive Reinforcement

Our dedicated team of teachers, administrators, and support staff actively instill positive behavior expectations in our students. We ensure that every student understands what is expected of them, enabling them to make informed choices about their behavior. Positive reinforcement motivates students to continue displaying good conduct and academic excellence. It also ensures students are better equipped to handle challenges, resolve conflicts amicably, and develop essential social and emotional skills.

Positive Reinforcement - ACIS
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