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Visa Information - ACIS

Visa Information

Visa Extension Process

We understand the importance of maintaining valid visas for all our non-Thai citizen students. The Americana Chinese International School is committed to assisting you in the visa application process to ensure a seamless continuation of your child's studies. If they require a visa extension, please carefully prepare the following required documents and contact the Visa Officer at least two weeks before their visa expiry date.

Required documents

1 / Copy of passport, visa and departure card

2 / Copy of tuition/fees receipt
3 / Copy of grade report
4 / Copy of student ID card
5 / One passport photo (1.5-inch size)
6 / Visa Extension Form (TM.7) completely filled out
7 / Receipt of Address Notification Form (TM.30)
8 / Letter from ACIS addressed to Immigration requesting a visa extension for the student

Visa Extension Fee

The visa extension fee is 1,900 Baht per person, payable at Chiang Mai Immigration.

Assistance from ACIS

Our school's dedicated Visa Officer will be your point of contact throughout the visa extension process. They will guide and support you in preparing the necessary paperwork and ensure your child's stay at Americana Chinese International School remains legal and uninterrupted.


To request visa assistance, kindly submit all the required documents to the Visa Officer at least two weeks before your child's visa OR visa extension expires. For your convenience, you can download the necessary forms from the Downloads section of our website. 


For all visa forms and further information, visit Chiang Mai Immigration's website at

We are here to support you, and should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Student Visa Officer, Ms. Cherry by emailing to

Visa Letter

Upon receiving a Letter of Acceptance from ACIS, our international students pay the tuition and fees. Once we receive the amount, our Student Visa Office will issue a visa letter essential for the student visa application in your home country or chosen consulate. For overseas applications, we charge an additional fee for the courier service.

Visa Application Process

The visa letter will be needed when your child applies for a student visa in your home country or chosen consulate. You must take this letter to the Thai Consulate to obtain a 3-month non-immigrant visa category "ED". Once they have enrolled and become a part of the Americana Chinese International School system, you notify our Student Visa Office to obtain the appropriate student visa.

Guardian Visa

If you accompany your child to Thailand, and can't apply for a visa extension otherwise, see if you are eligible for a Guardian visa. Please bring an original or notarized copy of your child's birth certificate to facilitate your stay in Thailand under their Education visa. You can read more about the Guardian visa extension requirements here.

TM.30 "Receipt of Notification"

For visa extensions, new visas, and 90-day reporting, have the original "TM.30 Receipt of Notification" with the passport. It is the receipt of the TM.30 form submitted by your landlord or place of residence. If you do not have this receipt, contact the owner of your house/residence, as it is their responsibility to notify the immigration office.

90-Day Reporting

If one stays in Thailand for over 90 days, they must report to the Immigration Office every 90 days. It starts from the 90th day after they arrive in Thailand. It is a separate requirement from extending the visa. Please submit the 90-day report (TM.47) to the Chiang Mai Immigration Office 15 days before and up to 7 days after the end of the 90 days. Remember to have the original "TM.30 Receipt of Notification" with the passport.

Responsibility and Assistance

All foreign students at ACIS are here as a courtesy of the Thai government. You're responsible for staying informed about your and your child's visa situation. Our Student Visa Officer will support you through the necessary paperwork and procedures related to visa matters. Please use this valuable resource to ensure a smooth and compliant visa experience.

Visa Guidelines Checklist

To make the visa process hassle-free, we recommend the following:

1 / Keep track of visa expiry dates and 90-day reporting period.

3 / Visit the Student Visa Officer with your child's passport at least two weeks before their visa expires.

5 / Report to the Immigration Office every 90 days (beginning the 90th day after arrival).

2 / Check the validity of passports (minimum six months; 18 months for one-year visa applications).

4 / Carry a photocopy of the passports and keep the original ones safe.

6 / Obtain a re-entry permit if you plan to leave the country and return.

7 / Comply with all visa extension, change, and reporting requirements promptly.

Please, feel free to contact our Student Visa Officer for any visa-related inquiries or guidance at

We are excited to have you join our academic community. We wish you a successful and enriching journey at Americana Chinese International School!

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