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Thai Department

The Thai Language, Culture, and History Department at Americana Chinese International School (ACIS) provides an enriching and enjoyable learning experience as students delve into the beauty of the Thai language and Thailand's vibrant culture.

Our team of dedicated educators boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With over thirty years of experience in international education in Thailand, they are well-versed in providing quality instruction in Thai language and culture. From Pre-K-12, our educators have taught students of all age groups, ensuring a seamless learning journey throughout their academic years.

​Our team has also played a pivotal role in various committees and organizations, contributing to the Thai language and culture curriculum development for international schools. As Thai language and culture trainers for ISAT and ISCN, we have played a crucial part in shaping the education landscape.

ACIS School Director & Manager Ajarn Somkit "La" Buarawong
Somkit Buarawong

School Director & Manager

Our Team


At ACIS, our Thai language curriculum caters to the needs of students. We offer three levels of learning:

  1. Beginner - This level introduces students to the basics of the Thai language, focusing on essential vocabulary and conversational skills.

  2. Intermediate - Students gain proficiency in reading and writing Thai, further enhancing their language skills.

  3. Advanced - Students at this level become more proficient in communicating effectively in Thai, gaining insights into the intricacies of the language.

Beyond Language - Thai Department - ACIS

Beyond Language

While language learning is a crucial aspect of our department, we take great pride in educating our students about Thai culture, values, and lifestyle. Our aim is to foster a deep appreciation for their history while nurturing a respect for diverse cultures in the 21st-century global society.

Our Commitment

At ACIS, we cultivate respectful global citizens who embrace cultural diversity and practice proper manners. We believe that through our comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty, our students will emerge as individuals who excel in the Thai language and possess a deep understanding of Thai culture.

Our Commitment | Americana Chinese International School (ACIS)
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