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Summer Camp Week 2: Exploring STEM Occupations

Welcome back, campers! We're continuing our exciting journey at ACIS STEM Plus Summer Camp. Check out the amazing program lined up for the 2nd week.

Week 2: July 8–12, 2024

Theme: STEM Occupation

  • ENGLISH: Dive into Reading, Writing & STEM for English Mastery

  • MATH: Solve Puzzles, Shape Spatial Thinking, Master 3D Geometry

  • CHINESE: Explore STEM Vocabulary, Innovative Projects in China

  • PE: Embrace Team Sports, Team Building, and Swimming

  • ART: From Concept to Showcase: Design, Create, Display; Discover Art & Functionality

Summer Camp Week 2: Exploring STEM Occupations

Late joiners can still secure their spot at For more details, contact us at 052-135 069 or

Don't miss to chance for an unforgettable summer of learning and fun at ACIS!


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